K J Nails


Full Set

L.C.N Gel
Pink & White Gel
Dipping Nails
White (French)

Fill In

L.C.N Gel
Pink & White Gel
Airbrush Nail Art
Soak off & remove
Nail Fix
White (French)

Natural Nail Care

Gel Manicure
Gel Pedicure
Dipping Nails
Spa Pedicure
Polish Change
Polish Change (Feet)
White (French)


Upper Lip
Full Arm
Half Arm
Full Leg
Lower Leg


Classic Pedicures
Soak, polish removal, trim and shape, callus removal, sugar scrub, exfoliating massage and color
Premier Pedicure
Soak, polish removal, trim, shape, paraffin wax, sugar scrub massage, hot towel treatment and color
Pearl Pedicure
The Pearl Pedicure is a special high end brand that includes its own soak, cleanser, scrub foot mask and cream. Includes paraffin wax, hot stone and towel treatment.
Jello Pedicure (BEST SELLER)
Our most popular pedicure. A jelly pedi brand package that turns your spa water into gel (jello) for a one of a kind pedicure experience. It also has its own special scrub, foot mask and cream includes paraffin wax, hot towel and stone treatment.
Herbal Vegan Pedicure (Build Your Own)
First you choose your own herb or spice to mix with your unscented gel and pure sugar. Then we apply an unscented mask to your legs and feet. Next, a hot unsceneted oil massage, followed by an unscented lotion, finished with a hot stone and towel treatment.
Organic Pedicure
You get our all natural exfoliation scrub made of pure sugar, ginger, honey, our fresh strawberry and banana. Included in this pedicure is the Hempz Brand Lotion, paraffin wax, hot stone and towel treatment. It's then finished with an extended shoulder massage and an oraganic 24k gold mask.
Luxury Pedicure
Our luxury pedicure is fit for royalty. You get Hempz Brand Sugar scrub and lotion. Paraffin Wax on hands and feet with hot stone and 10 minutes shoulder, 10 minutes head massage.
Gel color additional